Hummer HBB1000Y Music CD Boombox
From Conair

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #202725 in Consumer Electronics
  • Brand: Conair

Big Hummer Boom box is Macho4
We all know that boom boxes and stereo components are getting smaller and smaller. It's the magic of miniaturization. But remember the good ol' days when you dragged huge speakers into your dorm room. Back then big speakers meant great sound. The Hummer may not be as big as some of those speakers, but it's styling harkens back to those days. The sound on the Hummer boom box is fantastic and it comes with a sub-woofer.

The Hummer box is not really portable. If you're shopping for some small box that'll fit in your backpack, then this isn't for you. But what is really appealing about this box is the unique Hummer styling. It's a big, heavy boom box that's built to last. It even has a rubberized bottom to prevent sliding. The styling is very cool. It resembles the front grill of a Hummer. It's nothing like those petite boxes that look like a Walkman with speakers. It looks great as part of a man's décor, whether in the office or the workshop. And the remote control means you can easily cut the sound when your phone rings - or change the radio station.

The price on the Hummer boom box has come down significantly from its original $200. This is a good value if you have a man on your Christmas gift list this year that would appreciate a macho looking boom box. You need to act fast, because I don't think macho is fashionable these days and this box will probably be discontinued soon.

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